Thursday, 6 August 2009

Disaster Struck

About eight weeks ago I broke my wrist - what a disaster! It was horse related of course. It was a Sunday morning so instead of spending a pleasant Sunday morning riding, I ended up in A&E being x-rayed and plastered. I chose a purple cast which I discovered later was a mistake because I don't have enough clothes that go with purple to last until the cast was removed!

No riding for a minimum of six weeks.

Jasmine managed to ride Santana for me a couple of times during the six weeks and in the meantime he's been getting fat!

At last I have had the cast taken off but I wasn't prepared for how painful it was still going to be. I have to have physio to improve the amount of movement in my wrist.

I have ridden a few times using a wrist support with a splint, but have not done anything too energetic yet. Santana has behaved himself very well although I have used a Pelham in order not to have him weighing too heavily on my hands.

Anyway, I'm off to Cornwall tomorrow for two weeks, so hopefully by the time I return I will be able to get back to riding properly. I'll need to get both him and me back to fitness again.