Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Springtime = New Life ...

... in more ways than one.  The grass is starting to grow and daffodils are blooming, but that's about as good as it gets at the moment.  Life in general is not great otherwise.   Its looking like me and my husband will be going our separate ways.  My 21 year old son is planning to move out soon anyway and Jasmine will come with me.  Its a strange feeling after nearly 30 years but its not before time and its been my decision, not his.

As far as Santana is concerned, he has been great these last few weeks.  We've been doing a bit of hacking and a bit of schooling in the menage.  My friend was telling me the other week that he looks good enough to do some dressage with.  The only problem with that is that I'm not sure that I'm good enough to match up!  I might give it a go - at least it will give our schooling a bit of focus anyway. 

After a lovely hack on Saturday with Jasmine riding Benny (a lovely Ffiord pony at the yard) I was saying how settled Santana had become and hopefully this year of his 6th birthday will be his best yet.

On Sunday we went in the menage for a short while, Jasmine put up a small cross pole which we trotted over both ways several times - lovely!  Then, two strides out Santana suddenly charged at the jump, went straight for the far corner of the menage, did a sharp left back across the menage and before I knew it I was in the opposite corner, where I hit the deck, or rather the fence, on my back! 

I was so cross that it had happened and I hadn't been able to do anything about it that I got straight back on and made him trot sensibly around the menage several times and stay in trot over the cross pole again.  Talking to people at the yard, they thought he had probably just got over excited about jumping and, its true that I did get the feeling that he was really enjoying himself, so that could be it.   Anyway, I have to try and blot that out and pretend it never happened because he's been so well behaved recently.   The only trouble is I now have a lovely colourful bruise on my back to remind me!

Oh well, worse things happen at sea, so they say!