Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dressage Practice

Today, for the first time, I practised my Intro B test.  This is a basic walk/trot test.  Now, I can do walk and I can do trot and so can Santana.  Today we couldn't do either of these things.  We trotted the straight lines banana fashion and the circles were more oval shaped with indentations - golf ball stylie.  Transition from trot to "Medium walk" (whatever that is) was like going from giraffe impressions to sulky teenager.  So, other than make a little progress in getting the test into my head, we didn't achieve a great deal today.   I hasten to add that none of this was Santana's fault.  I think I expect him to understand that we are no longer just meandering aimlessly about the menage - we are now doing (fanfare here) ... DressageOf course it all means nothing to him at all and despite my failings, I still enjoyed myself.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Thursday Schooling

On Thursday I was working at home so I was able to go to the farm in daylight for a change.  As Jasmine didn't have any lessons until last lesson she came too and we took the opportunity for her to ride Sonny in the menage and do the first 'proper' schooling since her wolf tooth was removed. 

She did some walk and trot work and after a warm up, took up a contact.  No reaction.  Halleluia, I think we've cracked it!  I don't want to speak too soon, but it all looked very good.  She moved on into canter and Sonny went very nicely.  Throughout the whole session Sonny tossed her head about twice which I think we can allow her as she is still very green anyway.

I did take some pics, but they were all on Jasmine's phone so I don't have them with me.  These are the only ones I took on mine:-

Sonny enjoying a well earned dinner
Santana showing off his shine and having a bit of dinner so Sonny didn't have to eat alone!

Sunday, 13 November 2011


What a fabulous day for a ride!  Warm sunshine and the trees looking beautiful in their autumn colours.  Went to the farm with all intentions of having a lovely day.  It didn't work out quite like that though.  Jas had her "teenager" head on today, so nothing I could do or say would be right, unless it involved buying her something, such as that new pair of yard boots she's after or an appointment to have her hair done.  She's already forgotten that I only just spent £169 on an iphone 4s and before that £120 on a laptop for her.  £50 for the vet for her horse, oh and she also needs a passport for the school ski trip and a pair of GHDs .  I know you bring this on yourself when you have children, and I love my children dearly, but I don't need this kind of treatment right now.  I have enough going on already!

We did ride, but it wasn't very enjoyable for me.  As you can see we weren't really 'together'.  When we got back to the yard I didn't waste any time in putting Santana back in the field and took Jas home.   Then I went back to the yard to have some "me" time with my friends.

One of my yard friends has bought me the Intro B walk/trot test and has instructed me to learn it because she's going to take me to a show on 11th December.  Yikes!  I need to learn the markers first because I haven't a clue - I just about know where A and X are!

When I got back home, it was still sunny and lovely so I took Sybil out for a long walk.  Bless her, at nearly 15 she is definately slowing down.
Come on mum!
If I was a few years younger I'd chase that bird!
Are we nearly there yet?!

Thursday, 10 November 2011


I would like to thank Haynet for renewing my enthusiasm for blogging about my horsey life and stuff in general.  Also for the inspiring posts and blogs from all the members.  How wonderful to have such lovely horsey people from all around the world all in one place.  What a wealth of knowledge, ideas and experience to draw on!

Vet, Teeth and a Crazy Canter

I had a day off work today for the vet to visit.  My work involves me taking minutes of a meeting all day on a Wednesday and I then have the option of working at home on a Thursday to type up my minutes if I wish.  This is really convenient because our vet's free call out day is a Thursday.  This sort of happy coincidence doesn't normally happen to me so I make the most of it!   I gaily booked the vet for Santana's flu jab and while he was there, to look at Sonny's teeth because we concluded she had a wolf tooth coming.

Typically, my meeting was cancelled on Wednesday (doh!) so I had to take a day out of my leave.  As it happened it was a lovely day and I spent most of it at the farm and getting other odd jobs done.

Santana was duly jabbed in his backside, much to his dismay, but he quickly got over it after he'd turned his nose up at the vet's peace offering in the form of a polo mint.

Sonny's turn next and she had a jab in the neck to sedate her so the vet could rummage around in her mouth in relative safety.  He found the offending wolf tooth and made short work of whipping it out.  You wouldn't think such a tiny little thing could cause so many problems.  We will see in a week's time whether it has done the trick.

While Sonny dozed off her sedative in her stable I went for a ride round the farm with a couple of yard mates who happened to be there.  Most of the ride was nice and calm and relaxed, until Friend no.1 suggested we have a canter up sandy hill.  Friend no.2 is a slightly less experienced rider and happened to be in front at the time.  She turned the corner to sandy hill and shot off into the distance in a flash before we'd even got round the corner.  Santana was popping on all fours with his neck arched in an impressive imitation of a prancing arab stallion.  Friend no.1 said she'd be ok if I went so, I slightly eased Santana's reins.  He needed no further encouragement and shot off up the hill after Friend no.2.  Speed I can cope with, it was the fear of him bucking which I didn't like.  Luckily for me it didn't occur to him to buck and started to run out of steam halfway up the hill.  Ah ha! I thought, you're not stopping now just cos you feel like it! and I pushed him on up to the top of the hill.  How exhilarating!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Swapping Horses

On Saturday there was a shoot on at the farm so we had to get the horses in early.  Fortunately it was just a small one and they were only planning on bagging about 10 birds so it was over quite early.  We were able to ride at lunchtime and so we went out for a hack round the farm.  Both horses were chilled and we had a lovely relaxing ride.  Back to the yard to feed them and muck out.  Had a quick look at the poo filled field, and decided it would still be there tomorrow.

Today, Sunday, Jasmine wanted to do some schooling so she went in the menage while I watched. Sonny was very attentive today and Jas was really pleased with her.  I have a quick ride on Sonny when she had suitably tired her out.   We walked and trotted and then tried a canter but Sonny is much more forward than Santana and I could feel myself tensing up so I called it a day. 

Next it was Santana's turn and we went in the menage too.  He behaved impeccably, walking out nicely, trotting in straight lines and nice round circles and some lovely cantering.  The only mishap was when we were cantering and I went to push my hat up out of my eyes (*note to self - buy new hat!) and Santana thought something untoward was going on and rushed off.  But we quickly got back under control and I suffered with  my hat over my eyes!

Jas had a ride on Santana and was impressed with how much he has improved since she last rode him. Its good to be able to ride each other's horse from time to time as you get so used to the way your own horse goes that you can get set in your ways.  Jas was saying that Santana's canter is so different to Sonny's and she has to use different muscles just to stay in the saddle! 

We must swap horses more often.

An Ache

As I get older I seem to acquire aches and pains like they're going out of fashion.  But the one in my heart at the moment is like no other.  I miss my son and my daughter so bad.   My son came to dinner last Friday and it was so lovely to see him, I wanted to hug him and never let go, but you can't put that much pressure on your children can you.  I see my daughter every day, twice on weekdays, but its not the same as living in the same house.  She has been a bit "off" with me recently..  I don't know whether its normal teenage-ness and I'm reading too much into it but, it hurts when she snaps at me.  I know its very hard for her too so maybe that's why.  She was quite cheerful and chatty today which was lovely, and it tore me apart to leave her at home and go to my mums after we'd ridden.

Will this ever seem "normal"