Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Not so good

Well it had to happen didn't it. Things didn't go so well today. I was riding round the circle with my daughter and he was so heavy on his forehand, leaning on the reins and not wanting to go forward. When he did go forward he just wanted to follow Jasmine's pony and not listen to me at all. We tried going over the small log, but he couldn't be bothered to jump it and just stepped over it, or should I say tripped over it. Jasmine got on him (she rides much better than I do) and she found the same. He wouldn't bend at all! When you try to turn him he resists and in Jasmine's words "his neck is like a plank of wood". But, hold a treat beside his shoulder and he bends beautifully.

Gloom and despondency falls. What to do, what to do? I know I have to get him more forward going, but I feel as though I'm constantly nagging him with my legs as it is. I don't want to beat him because I don't think he'd appreciate that!

I think I have to do lots of bending and figure eights to get him to understand the concept of turning when I ask him to. I must have the only Section D that isn't forward going and a bit mad!

Any ideas anyone? All constructive advice gratefully received ...

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Riding, jumping (well almost!) and cantering - Video

Riding, jumping (well almost!) and cantering

The next post is my little video we made the other Sunday when me and my daughter went to the farm on an icy cold morning. We had a mess about in the mud and ice and then went for a canter in the field. How civilised it all was! Looking at the video though, I can see how I need to get Santana working more actively.

Anyone got any tips?!

On Friday we went to Olympia and drooled over the shopping and the showjumpers, but we managed not to spend much money. I bought a Horse & Rider goody bag and inside, amongst other bits and pieces, was a Marine magazine ... what's all that about then? I don't see the connection, being a horsey person I'm not especially interested in the sea! :s

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I managed to ride Santana on Friday, Sunday and Monday this week, woohoo! On Friday, I was on my own so I went to do some trotting around the circle just to warm up a bit as it was truly freezing. It was very very muddy and nasty so we splashed about all the way round the circle. Then we trotted over the log jump and one of the small xc jumps which Santana wasn't very interested in. In fact he was so unimpressed that he broke it with his back feet :o Oops!

So, I thought, 'you'd like something a little bigger would you?' We headed for the slightly bigger jumps (only about 18" - 2'). I pointed him towards the jump and pushed him into canter and over he popped! Next one, he cantered as soon as we headed towards it and over he went again. By jove, I think he's got it! With this new found skill we went off towards the ditch jump, slid down the muddy bank, over the brush at the bottom and on towards the wooden wall. Brilliant! What a star. They're not big jumps mind, still only 18inches - 2ft, but he's jumping them properly - none of that paddling with the front legs.

On Sunday I rode with Jasmine and Catrin (Catrin being a jumping star) we went off to have another go, but following this time. Oh yes, now he's really starting to enjoy himself! After that we went for a canter in the front fields and then walked around the block to cool off.

On Monday I was on my own again so I just pottered about a bit round the front fields, we went trotting through some nice deep puddles which he didn't mind a bit. That'll be a nice change - a horse that doesn't mind puddles!