Monday, 8 October 2012

Southill Sponsored Ride

 The morning of the sponsored ride dawned misty and murky.  Spot the horse in the misty distance!

In from the field and luckily Santana hasn't rolled overnight also, unbelievably, he's kept his socks relatively white too!

We loaded up and went to my friend's yard to load her mare, Mysti.  Mysti is not keen on travelling so we anticipated some time to get her on the lorry.  However, lunge whip with a rustly Tesco bag tied to the end strategically waved behind her worked wonders and Mysti loaded with only minor hesitation.

We stopped at a layby to await Debbie with her trailer and we were off.

We thought we would arrive early, but obviously many others had a similar idea and the parking field was already buzzing by the time we got there.  We registered, handed over our sponsorship, and collected our bibs and off we went to tack up.
Debbie and Baby with me and Santana

Angie and Mysti

I think we should go thataway!
Finally we were off and the horses caught the excitement, eager to get going.  Santana was really up for it today and started jogging soon after the start.
We're off!
We did the 10 mile ride and we hardly walked a step.  We trotted a lot and jogged even more.  I don't think he walked a single step!.  When we cantered he pulled like a train.  I thought he would run out of energy after a few miles but I was wrong - he pulled the whole time!  Where did he get so much energy from? I had been worried that he wouldn't be fit enough!  We all had a turn at the front and I found that Santana was much better in front, not to mention giving my arms a rest from pulling him back.  The estate was beautiful, particularly around the lake, but unfortunately  I had my hands full and couldn't get my phone out to take any photos.

We had a fabulous gallop on the last stretch up to the big house which was absolutely exhilarating and then we were back at the lorry, all in one piece and safe and sound.

Santana was still buzzing while we chilled out with a burger and a cup of tea.  Even when we got home, I put him in his stable and gave him a small feed while I cleaned the lorry, but he was still wired up.  I took him out to his field and he went charging off as though he'd been cooped up indoors for a couple of days.  I bet he isn't aching as much as I am today though!

We all had an absolutely wonderful day and I managed to raise £90 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and the British Horse Society.