Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

What better view is there than this!

A fabulous day for a hack and a gallop to blow the cobwebs away.  This photo was when we were coming back onto our farm after a lovely ride, just me and Jas.   We had a fabulous time.  Both horses behaved perfectly and all four of us enjoyed a gallop across the meadow before a leisurely walk back home.

Back at the yard it was definately a day for a bath so Santana had a bit of a pamper.  Whitening shampoo on the legs and a trim up of his mane.  His coat is so shiny you can almost see your face in it.  This picture shows how brown he goes in the summer and the dapples over his belly!  

They stayed in the stable for a couple of hours afterwards for a doze and to keep away from the pesky flies.  

Do you reckon summer has finally arrived!?