Monday, 30 May 2011


Rain interspersed with periods of steady drizzle today. April showers at the end of May. The grazing fields need it, but I wonder if its too late to help the hay crop.

Still, we managed to have a hack around the farm today, just three of us. It was really nice, despite the wet. Santana is so much more relaxed, as I am too. We've hacked out such a lot over the last few weeks and I think its really helping.

There's a big day coming up for me - next Monday I'm having a saddle fitter out to bring me a new saddle! Well, when I say 'new' I mean new to me. My funds won't extend to a brand new saddle, but I'll be just as happy with a secondhand one fitted properly by someone who knows what they're doing. How exciting ! After that I've promised myself I'll start having some lessons because last time I had a lesson I was on a high for days afterwards.

Jas had a lesson on Sonny on Saturday which went really well. We've definitely done the right thing by getting Sonny. What a relief. We paid a visit to our old farm this morning and while we were there we went and had a look at Sonny's daughter, now 2 years old. Jas is plotting to go over next year, break her in and buy her so she can have both. Dream on Jas!


Sonny's daughter

Monday, 23 May 2011

What, no grass?

Whatever happened to March winds and April showers? We're having May winds, does that mean we'll get June showers! Oh well, I count myself lucky to have a Section D who doesn't seem to need grass to remain a picture of shining health!

This was on a pub ride a couple of weeks ago. What a gorgeous boy! He hasn't rubbed any of his mane so far this year so we now just about have enough length of mane to plait - Woohoo!!

Bathtime - lovely white socks and
a plaited mane!

Anyway, I promised photos of Jasmine's new horse so here you are, this is Red Sonya aka Sonny.

This is her at our old yard: -

This is her when we first brought her home:
First ride at home:
Three weeks, some conditioning mix and a couple of lessons later, and looking gorgeous:

Monday, 9 May 2011

Confidence growing

What a lovely weekend of hacking! An hour and a half on Saturday and two and a half hours on Sunday in perfect riding weather - sunny with just enough breeze to keep cool without that spooky wind. Not only that but last Thursday evening I rode round the farm for half an hour on my own!! How fantastic is that? I was so pleased with myself and Santana although he must have thought I'd gone a bit loopy because I chatted nonsense to him the whole time. We came across a couple of scary 'monsters' but I gave him time to have a good look and see that it was all in his imagination.

So by the time we rode at the weekend I could ride feeling quite relaxed and confident - loose reins and everything! I'm sure Santana is much happier and more confident too.

Next problem to overcome is sore feet. I asked the farrier to take his shoes off a couple of weeks ago (he'd lost both back ones anyway) and I think he's feeling it a bit after so much walking at the weekend. He'll have a rest this week and then more hacking next weekend - yay!

Another thing I have to write about is Jasmine's new horse. Gosh, how exciting and unexpected that was. Photos and details to follow soon...