Friday, 9 September 2011

"Why?" - I ask myself

Last time we hacked to Toddington Show I promised myself we would check the weather and not go again if there was any sign of rain. Promises are like pie crusts - made to be broken. Although the forecast said "a chance of heavy showers" we thought we knew better. It looked fine when we left the yard. Sure enough by the time we arrived at the show it had clouded over and started to spit. No matter, we thought, it'll soon blow over. Jasmine bravely entered the clear round ring. Sunny was a little sticky. Perhaps she remembered her sore leg last time she was here. Over the first few jumps and then screech to a halt with bum on the ground when she spots the monstrous blue water trays under the next jump.
Totally freaked out she refuses to go anywhere near. Water trays moved to the side, then moved out of sight, then the back rail removed from the jump and eventually she very reluctantly jumps it as a tiny crosspole. Jas comes out a little disheartened. After a think she decides to have another go, without the water trays this time.

Sunny is having none of it and a few feet into the ring plants her feet refusing to move. After a little encouragement from the whip she demonstrates her objection by rearing up high then throwing a huge buck sending Jas flying.

By this time the rain was coming sown in earnest and we were starting to get a little wet. We decided enough was enough and set off home. The rain came down in torrents for the whole hour it took us to ride home. I don't think i've ever been so wet. Water was
sloshing around in my boots every time I kicked Santana on! (He behaves like a star by the way).

When we got home, although it was still raining we took Sunny in the ménage and set up a couple of jumps which she did several times with no problem.

Why do I not listen to my own advice?!