Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New Yard, Fresh Start

Riding in the menage (yes - menage!  Posh or what!) at our new yard.  Santana has been superb since we moved.  He's really settled in well and I feel so much more confident riding him now. 

In this first pic he was doing that lovely typical Welsh Cob trot - really active and moving beautifully.

Canterrrrrr !
Someone should remind me to look up!

I put him in his stable one day (a novelty in itself) so that we could go and move the electric fencing.  I only made a very small paddock at first while he got used to his new surroundings, but now that he's eaten everything in sight its time to give him more space.  One small problem - he's a little itchy so while he was in his stable he was busy rubbing his backside against the front wall and managed to push it out and pushed out the bolt holding the door closed.  Disaster I hear you cry!  But no .. I had already thought of this eventuality and in true Worthy End style (my old yard) I had tied up the door with a clip rope.  His bid for freedom was foiled!  In truth I don't think it would even have occurred to him to escape, but just to be on the safe side my very handy other half has strengthened the front wall with a nine foot post bolted to the floor and roof beam so hopefully we won't have any adventures of the escaping kind in the future.