Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Getting Back to Normal

I see I haven't blogged for ages again. Now that summer is just about over things are now getting back to their normal routine. I was only able to ride once or twice a week after our holiday, but the last couple of weeks I've managed to ride more often.

I've dispensed with the Pelham now. Santana was starting to get used to it and was beginning to resist, especially on the right rein, so i've gone back to my Wilson snaffle but using a Market Harborough with it. Some days he's been great, other days he pulls my arms out, particularly my right arm. Doing right handed circles at canter I have to brace against his neck with my left hand in order to get him round the circle. Not good!!! Left handed he's perfect - he canters really collected.

So, new plan of action - right handed circles only. Trotting only. Zig zagging across the track with small right handed circles or figures of eight mixed in. I've got the Market Harborough tighter on the right hand side than the left.

I've been doing this for a couple of days now and he actually seems to be responding and bending into the turns which makes a nice change! We'll keep doing this for a while until I think he's really caught on.

Hoping to get Jasmine to take some new video for me soon.