Saturday, 3 March 2012


The second lesson in two weeks.  Wow, that's unheard of! I think that's the highest concentration of lessons I've ever had in my life.  I was self taught when I was a child.  In those days, many moons ago, it was a case of - there's your pony - up you get, hang on tight and off you go!  I learnt to stay on and that was riding.  Since then, over the years, I've only had the odd lesson as a treat when on holiday.  So I guess I'm not doing too bad ...for a beginner!

Here are some photos from today...

Beginning of the lesson and working hard
Lovely ears!

My hands are too close together but otherwise - lovely!
Gorgeous gor

We both got a little hot halfway through the lesson and I had the luxury of being able to take my coat off.  Unfortunately Santana just had to sweat it out.  It was a breakthrough moment though because I took my jacket off while still on board and he didn't freak out!

Finally, I am starting to sit up when cantering, without trying to hunch forward and cling like a limpet!

Now all I need to do is get that inside shoulder back (mine, not his!)

Bella, the faithful Instructor's Assistant

All in all it was another fantastic lesson which just proved to me that last week wasn't just a fluke and that I may be able to do some more dressage tests this summer and really feel as though I am a worthy competitor.  It is all feeling so exciting at the moment, I just can't wait until the next time I can ride.  Although of course tomorrow we will be hacking - I think Santana has worked hard enough for one weekend!