Thursday, 21 May 2009

First Show Ever

Oh my God, I haven't blogged for AGES! I didn't realise it had been so long.

Well since last time, I've been doing a mixture of schooling and hacking and a bit of jumping now and then just to keep his interest. We've been working on cantering on the right leg - he favours the left leg so a lot of work is needed here, but he's getting better.

On Sunday 10 May I took him to his first ever show. Its just a little show in Tingrith - perfect for his first time. We did the 2 foot class first and he clearly found it all a bit scary but he was really brave and didn't refuse anything. He had second and third thoughts about going over a really bright white jump but after a bit of encouragement he jumped it, but knocked it down.

As he'd done so well I decided to take him in the next class - 2'3" -2'6". Having already seen the jumps the first time around he was a little braver this time and cantered on a bit better. He had another one down but that was fine, I was just pleased he had done so well and we got round pretty uneventfully.

Jasmine took Scoobydoo (aka Crazy!) and he got crazier with each jump, but Jas managed him really well. She also took Hazel, a lovely chestnut tb who she's been jump training over the last couple of weeks. She's done so well with her Tom said she could take her to the show. She did the 2'3" - 2'6" class and the 2'9" class as well. She got fifth in the 2'3" and had a pole down in the next class, but Hazel jumped really well.

It was a gorgeous day too. The sun shone but it wasn't too hot. A fandabydozy day was had by all!

When I get time I'll upload the photos and videos to Youtube.


  1. Hi I also have a Ridgehill welsh d with same breeding as yours : )

  2. Hi. I'd love to know more about your Ridgehill and see some pics :D