Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Rain rain go away

From summer to winter in one easy step.  I can't believe only last week I was at the farm in just a tee shirt and now its tipping down with rain and freezing cold.  No riding today because of the rain so I thought I would post a pic of my gorgeous dog instead.

She's a standard poodle and she's called Sybil.  This was about six years ago when she was young and beautiful.  

This is more recent and she's still beautiful but as you can see we've changed her clip because now that she's ten years old its more comfortable for her not to have so much fur to deal with.

Talking of other pets, we had a mini funeral on Monday for Jasmine's hamster, Rupert, who died in his sleep.  Its really sad because Rupert was a sweet little creature with a lot of character.

RIP Rupert.

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