Thursday, 19 November 2009

One Month On

Over a month since my last post and nothing of much interest to report. I'm not able to ride at all during the week now - its too dark by the time I get home and I'd never be able to find him in the field!

Rode him last Sunday after not riding since the previous Sunday and you could definitely tell. Even though he's turned out 24/7, he was really on his toes. Jas was riding Enzo who was really fresh and Santana picked up his mood completely. We were riding round Livery field as it was empty and Enzo spooked at the hedge and went charging off in the wrong direction then started bucking when Jas pulled him up. She held him well though and stayed on top. Santana thought that all seemed like a good idea and started pulling like a train. We were trying to trot sedately but he wasn't interested.

We split up and rode on opposite sides of the field and Santana calmed down but then Enzo sparked off again and Jas came off this time. Enzo charged for the gate and disappeared over the horizon. Santana was like "Yeah, lets follow him!", but I convinced him to stay put. Jas fine, having landed on her feet and set off to find him. I found out later that Tom had put her back up and did some serious lunging to work off Enzo's excess energy.

Meanwhile we carried on trying to concentrate on trotting like a proper horse. We managed it eventually, had a canter up the hill and called it a day.

I'm just glad I didn't attempt to ride him on Saturday because it was blowing a gale.

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