Friday, 4 February 2011

On the move ...again!

Its not quite as drastic as it sounds - we're still at the same farm.  We've moved stables to one of the other barns on the yard.  There are seven stables in this barn rather than the three in the other one, so its a nice size and we all get on well together.  And we have space to tie up under cover outside the stables which we didn't have in the other barn.  OH has put some lights up for us so we can see to muck out which is a bonus.  Now people have noticed he has some electrical skills he's acquired three more lighting tasks for other people too (oops, lol!).  Oh well, it keeps him busy!

Next move is a field move.  We've discovered that another horse is moving into our field.  He was there before us so I guess he has a right to return.  Well, the field can't sustain four horses so we need to find elsewhere to go.  One of the girls in our barn said that she would be happy to have our two in her field, so I checked with the other girl whose two horses are in the same field and it's all good. 

The only problem is that having just spent £60+ on electric fencing for our other field, I now have to dismantle it all and move it.  I was so proud of how well we put it up too.  Ah well, can't be helped.  I certainly won't miss having to wade through a knee deep, boot sucking lake of mud to get through the gateway.  There will still be mud but hopefully only ankle deep.

So, tasks for the morning:-

1.  Dismantle electric fence.
2.  Erect electric fenced paddock in new field.
3.  Electric fence one side of new field.
4.  Ride?  Maybe not!

Note to self - remember to take the camera and take some pics.

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