Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Not so good

Well it had to happen didn't it. Things didn't go so well today. I was riding round the circle with my daughter and he was so heavy on his forehand, leaning on the reins and not wanting to go forward. When he did go forward he just wanted to follow Jasmine's pony and not listen to me at all. We tried going over the small log, but he couldn't be bothered to jump it and just stepped over it, or should I say tripped over it. Jasmine got on him (she rides much better than I do) and she found the same. He wouldn't bend at all! When you try to turn him he resists and in Jasmine's words "his neck is like a plank of wood". But, hold a treat beside his shoulder and he bends beautifully.

Gloom and despondency falls. What to do, what to do? I know I have to get him more forward going, but I feel as though I'm constantly nagging him with my legs as it is. I don't want to beat him because I don't think he'd appreciate that!

I think I have to do lots of bending and figure eights to get him to understand the concept of turning when I ask him to. I must have the only Section D that isn't forward going and a bit mad!

Any ideas anyone? All constructive advice gratefully received ...

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