Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sciatica - ouch!

Oh the misery of increasing age!

Anyone who has suffered from sciatica will understand how debilitating it is. This is the second time I've had it, the first being about four years ago, with varying degrees of lower back pain in between.

I know that its my fault, I know that I'm unfit and my stomach and core muscles are virtually non-existent. I also know I really should do something about it. Maybe this will be the incentive to get me to that aerobics class I've been promising myself.

However, at the moment I can barely roll out of bed in the morning, let alone prance around the scout hut. Why are your feet so far away from your hands at times like this? I need a long handled implement to get my clothes over my feet. I feel rather foolish when my 19 year old son pops his head round the door and asks what the heck I'm doing when he finds me on all fours on the bedroom floor, attempting to stand up. "Just having a closer look at the rug!" I say blithely. Poor young thing - he has no idea in his strapping youthfulness. One day he'll understand.

I think the only saving grace is that my work might get me an all singing, all dancing chair to use. I wonder if I can put in for a footstool and a massage as well!?

I guess its just as well its still too dark to ride by the time I come home from work.


  1. I had a case of sciatica once years ago r/t a car accident. They gave me a steroid shot and it helped immensely. Have you given that a go yet?

  2. No I haven't Mindy. The most you'd get over here would be a course of physio which you'd have to wait a couple of months for anyway!

  3. Oh, dear!! I am so sorry to hear this. Not fun. I can totally relate to your comment about your core muscles. Mine left a long time ago. I have sent out a search party and I am hoping that they will find their way home soon!

    I get muscles spasms in my back, so I understand "getting a closer look at the rug". Not a great vantage point. However, your current situation is an excellent opportunity to be absolutely spoiled and babied by your children. :-)

    Take care of yourself and don't overdo it! Hope you are upright and on your feet soon!!

  4. LOL Wolfie, you make me laugh! My back is improving slowly, but I really must do some proper exercise and build up some strength.