Monday, 15 February 2010

Another Birthday

I'm sure as I've got older birthdays come round far quicker than they did when I was young. I seem to remember it being an eternity between birthdays. Nowadays they whizz round far too fast and I don't like it at all!

So, its my birthday today, and I'm sitting here at work wondering why I didn't take the day off and spend it riding. What was I thinking?!

Oh well, I have Thursday and Friday off so I can look forward to the other end of the week.

Keeping my fingers crossed for some half decent weather.


  1. I try to ignore my birthdays every year, but my family always succeeds in reminding me!

    I hope Thursday and Friday are beautiful riding days for you! We all deserve beautiful riding days. I think everyone is hip deep in nasty mud right now and ready for spring.

  2. Families eh!? Who needs 'em! They manage to remind me that its my birthday and then leave me with that thought to ponder. Where's the making you feel special and all that malarky? Oh well, thats the price of getting older I guess.

    Roll on summer and lots of riding!

  3. Belated birthday wishes from Canada, Jooles! Hope you had fun on your special day. I absolutely agree with you....they seem to come faster now! My 20's were really good, my 30's were terrific, my 40's were fantastic, and my 50's are AWESOME! Bring it on, I say!

  4. Thank you Wolfie. You give me hope that there are more great things to look forward to!

  5. Happy Birthday! I know what you mean about these sneaky birthdays, they seem to come at you faster and faster the older you get. Have a great day and hope you get some riding time in this weekend.