Monday, 1 March 2010

Another Wet Weekend

Almost, but not quite, a washout. Went to the farm on Saturday. It was lovely sunshine when we were driving there. Of course this disappeared as soon as we had tacked up! Anyway, it was so wet and muddy on the farm that we decided to ride around the roads. I wasn't entirely happy because it was out of my comfort zone - I would have preferred to stay in the relative safety of the 'Pit'.

I needn't have worried because Santana was like his old unflappable self and, other than a little prancing and fidgeting when we came back through the gate onto the farm track, he was fab. I think he is unsettled there because that was the spot where he bolted and I fell off last time. I must be transmitting my feelings of trepidation to him. He soon got over it though when we moved off again after Jasmine had latched the gate.

It rained on us while we rode back up the track to the farm.

Back in the yard, we untacked and I felt GOOD! We had a lovely uneventful ride and I was feeling confident. The sun came back out again!

I was looking forward to repeating this on Sunday but when we got to the farm Sunday morning it was tipping down with rain and the front fields were almost completely underwater.

Jasmine brought Mouse in, got straight on with just a cooler rug on to soak up the rain from Mouse's coat and rode through the lakes that had formed. I'll post some video when I get round to downloading it from Jasmine's camera.

Back at work today and the sun has shone all day so far. Typical!


  1. Gem would probably put up quite a fuss if he had to ride in wet and mud. He's fine in snow and fine on solid ground, but put a little squishy mud around him and he gets skittish. Big baby. I admire how you can just ride full tilt on this type of terrain!

  2. We seem to have so much mud they get used to it. Santana slipped about in the mud last year but he's been more balanced on his feet this year. The 'lakes' in the front fields are quite useful for trotting through to wash off the mud. Canter through them and you can pretend you're cantering through the sea!

  3. Isn't it always the way, the sun comes out when you have to go back to work. Glad you rode out of your comfort zone on the roads. I still don't have a horse I will trust on the roads around here. We've still got plenty of snow so there's no riding for me yet.

  4. Rain, bah! Mud, bah! Yesterday was the first day I got to ride in over two weeks! And so true. EVERY SINGLE TIME I was at work it would be warm and sunny! Bring on the heat Texas! :)