Monday, 23 May 2011

What, no grass?

Whatever happened to March winds and April showers? We're having May winds, does that mean we'll get June showers! Oh well, I count myself lucky to have a Section D who doesn't seem to need grass to remain a picture of shining health!

This was on a pub ride a couple of weeks ago. What a gorgeous boy! He hasn't rubbed any of his mane so far this year so we now just about have enough length of mane to plait - Woohoo!!

Bathtime - lovely white socks and
a plaited mane!

Anyway, I promised photos of Jasmine's new horse so here you are, this is Red Sonya aka Sonny.

This is her at our old yard: -

This is her when we first brought her home:
First ride at home:
Three weeks, some conditioning mix and a couple of lessons later, and looking gorgeous:


  1. You guys over there have the best rides....a pub great is that! :-) Santana looks fab and that Sonny is a cutie for sure!

  2. Thanks Wolfie :D Pub rides are definately the best! I can recommend a pint of beer for helping to forget your nerves! Jas is so pleased with Sonny, we now each have a horse that we broke in ourselves!