Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Monday Ride

I  had a day off on Monday.  My sister-in-law was supposed to be visiting with her girls as its half term but she unexpectedly couldn't come.  A good opportunity to fit in an extra ride!

We just had another turn around the school - just to make sure our Saturday ride hadn't been a fluke.  Again, he was fab.  Not a single spook, other than a good long look at some new jump wings just outside the fence. 

We just did some walk / trot / walk and halt and he was paying attention all the time.  I'm trying to get him to walk more actively but we're being very successful at the moment.  He does like to plod at every opportunity!  More practice needed methinks.

Avoiding the scary jump wings!


and again!
Didn't he do well ♥

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  1. You look good together! Love that last pic. He is such a handsome boy!