Sunday, 4 December 2011

So Exciting!

1997 Renault Master
This is mine! I can't quite believe it! (and I'm slightly worried about the amount of money I've just spent and the ongoing financial commitment, but we won't dwell on that). I had to travel 100 miles for it and 100 back again but I think it was worth it. I now have no excuse not to do the dressage test next Sunday :/

But what a lovely van! The horses are rear facing and the ramp is side loading and very shallow. Hopefully Sonny, Jasmine's horse, will take to this better than a trailer. It is all easy to operate on your own as the ramp is very light and almost opens and closes by itself.  Santana has already shown his approval by walking straight on, shuffling his back end round and looking at me as if to say "Do I stand here mummy?"  Bless him!

Roll on next summer!

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