Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dressage Practice

Today, for the first time, I practised my Intro B test.  This is a basic walk/trot test.  Now, I can do walk and I can do trot and so can Santana.  Today we couldn't do either of these things.  We trotted the straight lines banana fashion and the circles were more oval shaped with indentations - golf ball stylie.  Transition from trot to "Medium walk" (whatever that is) was like going from giraffe impressions to sulky teenager.  So, other than make a little progress in getting the test into my head, we didn't achieve a great deal today.   I hasten to add that none of this was Santana's fault.  I think I expect him to understand that we are no longer just meandering aimlessly about the menage - we are now doing (fanfare here) ... DressageOf course it all means nothing to him at all and despite my failings, I still enjoyed myself.


  1. Dressage.....good on ya!! Santana will love the challenge, I'm sure.