Sunday, 26 October 2008

Clocks go Back

Another couple of weeks have passed and Santana makes progress all the time. Most of our work is still trotting - large circles, small circles and figures of eight to encourage him to listen to me. We have short bursts of canter when the ground is dry enough for him not to slip. Otherwise we go into the field and have a canter or two along the straight. I've not been working him hard, 20 - 30 minutes at a time is enough. He has a lot of maturing to do so I don't want to make him work too hard at the moment.

Another milestone that we have managed is to canter over the log. He has done a proper jump over it which was lovely. At least I know he can jump. He needs to sort out his legs as he doesn't really know what to do with them at the moment. That will come with practice.

We have been out round the roads a couple of times which has been fine. He doesn't seem to be worried by traffic. We had a scary moment when he spotted something in the nettles beside the farm track and we ended up in the nettles over the other side of the track because I wasn't paying attention. So we went backwards and forwards past the spot several times until he wasn't worried about it any more.

I took his headcollar off in the field today, so he is now naked! I hope he catches next time I go out there!

I must take some more photos.

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