Wednesday, 1 October 2008

In the Beginning

I first saw Santana in June 2008. He was looking sorry for himself in his field having recently been turned out after having a stable all to himself for the last couple of months. However, he was not interested in making friends and made off if I came too close. He was 3 years old and was unbroken. Santana is a Welsh Cob (Section D) whose registered name is Ridgehill Ellis. (I couldn't use Ellis as a stable name as it has unfortunate connotations for me!)
In late July, he was brought in and the training began. He learnt about bridles and saddles and he learnt how to lunge. He accepted all these strange new things with good grace. Then the moment of truth - how would he take to a rider.
Surprisingly, he took everything in his stride and a rider was accepted, along with all the other new experiences. Unfortunately, due to circumstances his training was interrupted for the whole of August and it wasn't until mid September that we were able to continue.

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