Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Another year passes by...

I had a nice day today which is just as well as it was my birthday :D It started with mucking out Sonny and Santana on my own as Jasmine is living the high life skiing in Austria. I did think it was going to be stressful and hard work doing both of the horses on my own but I have found that it is quite the opposite and have actually enjoyed 'doing my own thang'. I put the horses out and went off to work. Someone randomly brought a large box of Milk Tray in today so I claimed them in honour of my birthday :p.

Back to the farm after work to bring horses in (in daylight - what a novelty!). Took their rugs off and gave them each a brush before putting on their pj's and giving them dinner.

Next stop to my very good friend's house as she was taking me out to dinner. Now feeling stuffed with nachos, enchiladas and key lime pie washed down with a half of lager.


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