Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Dutch Gag Makes an Entrance

My Beautiful Boy!

Oh my goodness!  What a difference. I never thought Santana could look like this.  He looks like a different horse.  Is this really my Santana?  I can't quite believe it.  

Lovely horse - shame about the rider!

Loving it!

This was the first time riding in a Dutch Gag and, it would seem that he loves it.   He just 'got it' as soon as I started to take up a contact and separated my hands he dropped straight into the contact.

I still have a whole heap of work to do on my position.  My weight is way too far forward which sends my leg back.  I still nag nag nag at him with my legs which I must stop doing.  He has so much potential - I can see that now, after only one lesson he's looking fantastic.

We even cantered several times round the track and on a 20m circle.  I had no worries that he was going to shoot off.  Mind you he was pretty tired by then - we haven't worked this hard for ages!

 I really think he enjoyed himself though.  He felt relaxed and happy.  I am still flying high and I can't wait for next Saturday now because I'm going to keep this good thing going while I can.

I can't believe that my humble cob can look so good, not only that but even with me rocking about on his back too!


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