Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Quiet Walk ...Not!

On Saturday, as the ground was so hard from the freezing temperatures over the last few days, we thought we'd just have a quiet walk around a couple of fields on the farm.  We knew snow was forecast for Saturday night so we were not likely to be able to ride on Sunday and Jasmine goes off skiing next Friday so it was the last chance for her to ride before then.

We tacked up with frostbitten fingers and set off out of the yard.  All went according to plan until halfway around the second field when we met a yard mate coming the other way.  She took her horse to the side of the track and waited for us to pass.  Well, by the reaction from our two you'd have thought she was riding a dragon or something.  Jogging and giraffe impressions went from bad to worse until Santana could take it no more and shot off across the field.  He didn't get too far before I brought him back (remember, I have no curb chain anymore - yikes!). 

Once we had passed the horse-eating monster we thought they would settle down. Unfortunately not.  Sonny was so lively Jasmine had to get off and make sure there was nothing wrong with her tack.  While we were waiting Santana was dancing on the spot.  Having checked all was okay Jasmine got back on and we danced and pranced our way back to the yard.  So much for a nice quiet relaxing walk!

Jasmine was quite upset but I tried to point out the positives - nothing had really gone badly wrong, although both of them had been very full of themselves and lively - Sonny didn't rear or do anything else untoward - they were both just uncharacteristically energetic, and they were egging each other on.  We congratulated ourselves on coping and getting back home with both of us in one piece and still on board!

No pictures I'm afraid, I rather had my hands full!


  1. Lol, i know the feeling! The great thing about horses is that they'll have put it behind them next time, unlike us foolish humans who like to agonise over such things

  2. No day is the same. Shame on you not taking photos. Where is your Superwoman streak! lol