Sunday, 6 November 2011

An Ache

As I get older I seem to acquire aches and pains like they're going out of fashion.  But the one in my heart at the moment is like no other.  I miss my son and my daughter so bad.   My son came to dinner last Friday and it was so lovely to see him, I wanted to hug him and never let go, but you can't put that much pressure on your children can you.  I see my daughter every day, twice on weekdays, but its not the same as living in the same house.  She has been a bit "off" with me recently..  I don't know whether its normal teenage-ness and I'm reading too much into it but, it hurts when she snaps at me.  I know its very hard for her too so maybe that's why.  She was quite cheerful and chatty today which was lovely, and it tore me apart to leave her at home and go to my mums after we'd ridden.

Will this ever seem "normal"


  1. It's a tough adjustment for everyone. I am sure time will help.....

  2. Thanks Wolfie. I really hope you're right.