Sunday, 6 November 2011

Swapping Horses

On Saturday there was a shoot on at the farm so we had to get the horses in early.  Fortunately it was just a small one and they were only planning on bagging about 10 birds so it was over quite early.  We were able to ride at lunchtime and so we went out for a hack round the farm.  Both horses were chilled and we had a lovely relaxing ride.  Back to the yard to feed them and muck out.  Had a quick look at the poo filled field, and decided it would still be there tomorrow.

Today, Sunday, Jasmine wanted to do some schooling so she went in the menage while I watched. Sonny was very attentive today and Jas was really pleased with her.  I have a quick ride on Sonny when she had suitably tired her out.   We walked and trotted and then tried a canter but Sonny is much more forward than Santana and I could feel myself tensing up so I called it a day. 

Next it was Santana's turn and we went in the menage too.  He behaved impeccably, walking out nicely, trotting in straight lines and nice round circles and some lovely cantering.  The only mishap was when we were cantering and I went to push my hat up out of my eyes (*note to self - buy new hat!) and Santana thought something untoward was going on and rushed off.  But we quickly got back under control and I suffered with  my hat over my eyes!

Jas had a ride on Santana and was impressed with how much he has improved since she last rode him. Its good to be able to ride each other's horse from time to time as you get so used to the way your own horse goes that you can get set in your ways.  Jas was saying that Santana's canter is so different to Sonny's and she has to use different muscles just to stay in the saddle! 

We must swap horses more often.

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